Preparing For Your Visit


First Visit

Depending on the reason for your referral to our office, you will be seen initially in our clinic or alternately at St. Mary’s hospital for a cystoscopy and consultation.

If you are having a cystoscopy and consultation

Make sure you know the time you should arrive at St. Mary's Hospital

Once you arrive at the hospital, our wonderful volunteers will be happy to direct you the the cystoscopy suite on the second floor.

Please Note!  You are able to drive to and from St. Mary's Hospital for a

cystoscopic examination.

For more information regarding a cystoscopy, click here:  Cystoscopy Information

You may have been organized to have a bladder scan at our office prior to your first appointment.  If that is the case, click here for more information: Bladder scan

Things to bring to the appointment:

Instructions on how to get to the office or hospital

• Your health card and personal identification

Any health records or test results that you've been asked to bring 

The name of your family doctor 

A list of all medications you're currently taking, including prescription drugs

and non-prescription medications, as well as any vitamins, supplements,

herbal and homeopathic remedies

Before you arrive, be sure you know:

Which doctor you will be seeing 

Why you will be seeing them