Bladder Scan


You have been organized to have a uroflow test and a bladder scan. 

These tests help to determine how well you are emptying your bladder.   It gives your doctor useful information regarding the volume of you bladder, the normal flow of your urine, and how much urine you retain when you think you are done. 

It is important that you arrive for your appointment with a full bladder and a normal urge to void.  You need to drink 24 oz or two 500 ml bottles of water about one hour prior to arriving.    There is no other special preparation for this test.

If you become extremely uncomfortable from the urge to empty your bladder before you are brought into the exam room, please inform the receptionist and she will let our nurse know.

During the test you will be brought into our exam room and will be asked to pass your urine, in private, through a special machine.  The nurse will then use an ultrasound machine to measure how much urine is left in your bladder.

You will NOT experience any pain or discomfort.  You may resume all normal activities after this test.